Info Card / Smart Card Convergence

Here’s a prediction: by 2010 we’ll all carry a smart card that is linked to a virtual information card that resides on our PC.

In this near future, our bank needs us to use two-factor authentication, and the credit card companies force us to use the same when shopping online.  Our governments want us to apply for programs online, but insist on proving who we are with strong authentication to reduce fraud.  And we also have realized that its a good idea to have two-factor logins on our own computers.

In the midst of all this, our awareness of personal privacy has increased to the point that we don’t just blindly enter personal information on every e-commerce registration page that asks.  We’re not just tired of the repetitive entry, but insist on controlling what information is shared. 

A Microsoft rep told me this past week that CardSpace and smart card integration services are just around the corner.  Are info cards converged with smart cards an obvious solution to a set of already chronic security and privacy problems?