Oracle IAM strategy

Here is the strategy as described in the Oracle Software Strategy presentation yesterday:

Identity Management
Product Strategy
• Oracle Identity Management Suite continues as strategic family of products
– Oracle will support both Oracle Internet Directory and Sun Directory Server with common LDAP administration
– Sun Role Manager becomes Oracle’s Strategic Identity Analytics offering
– Oracle Identity Manager remains Oracle’s strategic Identity Provisioning and Identity Lifecycle Management product
– Oracle Access Manager remains Oracle’s strategic Access Management and Fine-Grained Access Control product
– Oracle’s Virtual Directory, Enterprise SSO, Entitlements Management, Identity Federation continue as strategic
• Oracle continues to invest in and share technology between Sun and Oracle products
– Sun Identity Manager will see continued investments and integration with OIM (SPML Adapter Framework)
– Sun Open SSO will see continued investments and integration with OAM (Secure Token Service)
– Oracle continues to maintain Open DS
• No change in support timelines or distribution model for Sun products
It is not really a surprise that the Oracle suite makes up the majority of the strategic direction.  I recall a conversation I had with an Oracle rep from the fall — the investment Oracle has made in middleware in the past few years has been huge and it would seem unlikely they’d ditch that code.  Sun Role Manager (formerly Vaau) wins and some of the other pieces (Directory Server and parts of Identity Manager) will be blended in over time.
Based on this announcement, Sun customers will appreciate no change in support and end-of-life product timelines.  If they are running current versions, it would seem that there is ample time to plan for migration to the strategic platform.

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