Blogroll update

It has been a while since I strolled through my own Blogroll… there is always good content in there worth sharing.

  • Mark Dixon is back blogging — here’s a great post on how to make a bad fake ID…
  • Patrick Harding has an interesting write-up on ADFS vs Ping terminology.  Interesting (to me) given that I’ve been working on an ADFS v2.0 project lately…
  • Kim Cameron also returns to blogging with a a new post — a video interview that delves into Identity Federation and the cloud.
  • Jeff Bohren has some criticism of Apple’s handling of the iPhone 4 reveal by Gizmodo.  Seems the ‘iPolice’ are confiscating first and asking questions later…
  • David Fraser the Canadian privacy lawyer offers up a balanced view of StreetView and privacy non-issues.

And finally:


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