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identity is your most important asset

I spent a good part of the holidays watching and overhearing my young son play (and replay, and replay…) his favourite movie, The Incredibles. ┬áSome great, great lines in that movie — and a few good ones on the subject of Identity. ┬áHere is a compilation of identity-related quotes from that show, plus a few good ones from other TV shows and movies.

The Incredibles (2004)

Helen/Elastigirl (talking to her daughter Violet): Put these on. Your identity is your most valuable possession. Protect it. And if anything goes wrong, use your powers.

The Office (2005)

Dwight Schrute: Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!

The Incredibles (2004)

Helen: Of course I have a secret identity. Can you see me in this at the supermarket? Come on! Who’d want to go shopping as Elastigirl, know what I mean?

The Simpsons (1989)

Barney: [to Adam West] So long, Superman. Your secret identity is safe with me.

The Incredibles (2004)

Mr. Incredible: Of course I have a secret identity. I don’t know a single superhero who doesn’t. Who wants the pressure of being super all the time?

Star Trek (1966)

Computer Voice: Voice print & identity verified & correct sequence 2 complete

The Incredibles (2004)

Lucius/Frozone: Superladies? They’re always trying to tell you their secret identity… think it’ll strengthen the relationship or something like that. I say, “Girl, I don’t wanna know about your mild-mannered alter ego or anything like that. I mean, you tell me you’re, uh… S-Super, Mega, Ultra Lightning Babe, that’s alright with me. I’m good… I’m good.

Here’s hoping your identity challenges are less worrisome than those of Frozone or our friend Barney… Happy holidays, I hope 2008 was a good year and all the best in the New Year!


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