Blogroll Roundup

Every so often I like to do a scan of the bloggers on my blog roll — to highlight what they are up to and to perhaps throw some traffic their way…

  • Canadian Privacy Law Blog — Hey, if Oprah is on Twitter why not privacy lawyers?  The latest post from David T.S. Fraser looks at how lawyers can use Twitter to follow people and subjects of interest, or to promote their practice or firm.
  • Identity Blogger — This US-based blogger, Jeff Bohren, covers a wide range of topics, from general interest to technical. And he’s prolific, posting almost every day.  I like the post on main stream media vs bloggers
  • Kim Cameron — Mr. Cameron and his team’s work on Geneva is pretty relevant to me right now on my current project, so I’m sure to check in on his musings every so often.  His latest post, with the link to the Identity Software + Services Roadmap is a must read for Microsoft and non-Microsoft professionals alike.  There is also a video if you prefer.)
  • Discovering Identity — Mark Dixon from Sun, uh, I mean Oracle has an interesting post on the UK-based service.  Mark is also an active Twitter-er (Twitter-ite? Tweat-er?) and worth following if you do that Twitter thing.
  • Self Issued — Mike Jones has some really good posts on Information Cards througout this blog. In particular, I like that he has examples of Info Cards and CardSpace in action — it is much easier to illustrate this emerging technology to my clients when I can show example.

Please visit these and my other Blogroll bloggers — there’s a lot of good information, authoritative opinion and the occasional rant to keep you entertained…


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