ID: awesomeness / Password: yo

E-Girl (aka my teenage daughter) is your typical 21st century teenager with a bevy of gadgets and skills to match.  She has her own phone (of course), is a blossoming food blogger and has never owned music on physical media.

E-Girl is also the hockey pool organizer.  A quick trip to, a round of poolster recruitment and she has a tidy collection of teams and picks entered and ready to go for the opening night puck-drop.

E-Girl is learning to be net-savvy and she has privacy awareness that belies her youthfulness.  (Yes, she’s endured a few privacy and Internet-safety lectures from me…)  For example, with the exception of email, she doesn’t use her last name online.

So it was with some surprise that I noticed a wee pink sticky note attached to her PC this evening… yes, a sticky note with her hockey pool login credentials on it for all to see.

You can read the damning words for yourself:

the sticky

It is shocking.


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